How Long Can You Live Once Your Kidneys Shut down

Kidneys are important organs responsible for filtering blood in our body. However, in Chronic Renal Failure, if the patients do not receive effective treatment in time, the kidneys will lose their renal functions gradually thus shutting down. How long can you live once your kidneys shut down? In fact, there is no a clear answer to this question. However, if the patients with kidneys shut down can receive proper treatment, they will be able to live as long as the normal people.
The conventional therapies for the patients with kidneys shut down are dialysis and kidney transplant. It can not be denied that these two treatments have played an irreplaceable role in the treatment of kidneys shut down and prolonging their life expectancy. However, both of them have huge side effects on the patients.
Dialysis is just like a filter, which can only remove the excessive water and metabolic wastes out of body, but can not repair the impaired kidneys. As a result, the residual function will further decline until the kidneys cease to work. What’s worse, dialysis can lead to a series of complications like heart failure, hypotension/hypertension, infections and so on, some of which are the death cause for the patients with kidneys shut down. Therefore, the patients with Kidney Disease should measure the advantages and disadvantages before starting dialysis.
As for kidney transplant, insufficient kidneys source is a main problem for the patients with kidneys shut down. Many patients even on list have to wait for a very long time until kidney transplant is available for them. Unfortunately, many of them may lose their lives during their endless waiting. Moreover, even if they have a successful kidney transplant, they have to depend on a large dosage of immunosuppressive agent to resist rejection reaction in the rest of their life. Moreover, according to some researches, the survival rate of transplanted kidneys is only 1% in ten years.
Therefore, choosing a proper treatment is the key to prolonging life expectancy for the patients with kidneys shut down. All kinds of kidney diseases will develop into renal failure due to the necrosis of the renal functional cells. In order to prolong the life expectancy for the patients with kidneys shut down, they should repair the impaired functional cells. In this way, they will be able to recover the normal function of their native kidneys. Consequently, their life expectancy will prolong.

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