How to Decrease the High Creatinine Level of Kidney Disease

How to decrease the high creatinine level of kidney disease? High Serum Creatinine is resulted from serious kidney damage.When kindeys are damaged ,the metabolic wastes creatinine can’t be discharged by kidneys any more. The less creatinine is excreted by kidneys, the more it will accumulate in the body. As the time passes by, the creatinine will be increasing ceaselessly. As the creatinine remaining in blood is far beyond the normal level called high Serum Creatinine.
Uremic patients pay close attention to the high Serum Creatinine. They try many ways to lower their creatinine. But they often have a wrong knowledge on the basic knowledge of high Serum Creatinine. They think that the creatinine will decrease, as long as the body toxin is lowered. Many patients begin to control their diet, take detoxification medicine
or taking dialysis. But, using these methods to lower the Creatinine can’t achieve the expected purpose. It can only relieve the symptoms of high Serum Creatinine. Once the medicine is stopped, the Serum Creatinine level will rebound immediately. In fact, high creatinine level is caused by nephrons damage and decline in renal function. Therefore, the key to lower creatinine is to repair the impaired kidneys.
Theoretically, if the kidney disease develops into scarring stage, it is difficult to reverse renal function. However, renal scaring doesn’t form in one day, it is a progressive developing process. As long as there are still residual healthy nephrons, there will be some chance of blocking kidney damage. When all the renal tissue is compeltely sclerotic, forming scar, the chance of reversing renal function is quite slight.
Therefore, as long as the patients can take proper treatment as ealry as possible, the renal function can be reversed. In this way, the Serum Creatinine will also decrease. Here Stem Cell Transplant is recommended to the patients with Renal Failure along with high creatinine.
Stem Cells can differentiate into new renal function cells to take over the damaged ones so as to repair the impaired nephrons. After the kidneys are repaired well, it can promote blood circulation, increase renal blood flow so as to promote the discharging of metabolic products, relieve symptoms of high blood pressure and metabolic acidosis, nausea and vomit etc. Stem Cell Transplant treats kidney disease from the root cause and make renal function recover gradually. Therefore, it can decrease the patient’s Serum Creatinine and urea nitrogen gradually.
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